List of Champions finished by year!

This page was last updated on 1/16/08!!

Specials shown in 2007:
Mutliple BIS/BISS CH Chrisman-Rhapsody Chills-N-Thrills - (Maltese)
#1 Maltese All Systems & #9 Toy Dog for 2007 Group Placing CH Dynadaux Redneck Girls MS - (Smooth Miniature Dachshund)
#1 Miniature Smooth Dachshund for 2007! BIS CH Sundancer Shotru Bilbo Baggins - (Lhasa Apso)

Dogs being show towards their Champion title in 2007:
CH Quicksilver Victory Dance - (Maltese)
CH Euphoria's Marc of Elegance - (Maltese_
CH Rhapsody Veranda Thrilled Happy - (Maltese)
CH Stringer's Stopping Time - (Yorkie)
CH Blue Moon's Remember The Rain - (Shih Tzu)
CH Divine's Nuttin But Remarkable - (Maltese)
CH Sondebar Shine - (Smooth Dach)
Am/Can CH Rhapsody's Glitzy Remark - (Maltese)
CH This Time Triple Play at Savoys - (Yorkie)
CH Rhapsody's Ur Not The Boss of Me - (Maltese)
CH White Magic Singing A Rhapsody - (Maltese)
CH Ku-ther's Rising Star - (Lhasa Apso)
CH Rhapsody's Ronny - (Maltese)
CH Hi-Lite Feverish Delights - (Maltese)
CH Chotlada Unique Angel - (Yorkies)
CH Chrisman's April's Penthouse Pet - (Maltese)
CH Nealstar's D'Lightful N D'Lovely - (Yorkie)
CH Rosemark's Annie Oakley - (Yorkie)
CH Chrisman's Harry Potter - (Maltese)
CH Woodsong Prism - (Yorkie)
CH Groveshire's Crown Jewel - (Yorkie)
CH Rhapsody's Delightful Thrills - (Maltese)
CH Rhapsody's Hard Hearted Hannah - (Maltese)
CH Rosemark's Dealightful Vamp - (Yorkie)
CH Brynstar's Hit The Jackpot in Amineh - (Yorkie)
CH Rosemark's Having A Ball - (Yorkie)
CH Rhapsody's Smart Remark - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Flippant Remark - (Maltese)
CH Quicksilver What A Guy - (Maltese)
CH Mistwood's True Justice - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Maltangel California Girl - (Maltese)
CH Euphoria's Lusty Thrills - (Maltese)
CH Brynstar's Majic Star of Amineh -
CH Annsteff's She Carries the Memory - (Yorkie)
CH Rosemark's Marshall Dillon - (Yorkie)
CH Nealstar's In it to Win it - (Yorkie)

Specials shown in 2006:
Multi Group Winning Am/Can CH Rhapsody's Holier Than Thou - (Maltese)
#1 Maltese Breed Points in 2006!!!!
Mutli Group Placing CH Dynadaux Girls Gone Wild MS - (Smooth Miniature Dachshund)
#1 Smooth Dachshund Breed Points in 2006!!!!
First time a Miniature Smooth Dachshund has been #1 Smooth
In the History of the Breed!!!!

Dogs being show towards their Champion title in 2006:
CH Divine's I Love To Be The Star - (Maltese)
CH Klassi's A Man For All Seasons - (Shih Tzu)
CH Obsession Here For The Party - (Shih Tzu)
CH Pashes The Kissing Bandit - (Maltese)
CH Dawnrenes Ginger Snapp - (Maltese)
CH Maltangel Heavenly Keepsake - (Maltese)
CH BF's Lady La Nina Lancette - (Havanese)
CH Maltangel Rejoice in His Presence - (Maltese)
CH Maltangel Rejoice in His Love - (Maltese)
CH Cherry Creek's Wolfgang MS - (Mini Sm Dachshund)
CH TNT's Rico at Versus - (Maltese)
CH Rhapsody's Thrilling Gossip - (Maltese)
CH Woodsong Run For The Roses - (Yorkie)
CH Country Lady's Talk of the Town - (Shih Tzu)
CH Shroki-TuChu's Wild Card - (Shih Tzu)
CH Divine's Glamour Queen - (Maltese)
CH Tapyoca's Party Ain't Over - (Yorkie)
CH White Magic Now in Rhapsody - (Maltese)
CH Nealstar's Hide N' Watch - (Yorkie)
CH Foxstone Indecent Daydream - (Maltese)
CH Parkside's Best Kept Secret - (Yorkie)*
CH Chrisman's Striptease for Ta-Lin - (Maltese)
CH Peller D'Oro Daisy - (Yorkie)
CH Riverwalk Belle of the Ball - (Maltese)
CH Chrisman's Take It All Off - (Maltese)
CH Divine's You Are My Shining Star - (Maltese)
CH Rhapsody's Holy Thrills - (Maltese)
CH Rhapsody Veranda Danger Zone - (Maltese)
CH Orwick's Ring of Fire - (Yorkie)

Specials shown in 2005:
Mutli BIS/BISS Am/Can CH Divine's Marc of Friendship - (Maltese)
Mutli Group Placing CH Dynadaux Girls Gone Wild MS - (Smooth Miniature Dachshund)
Dogs shown to their Champion titles in 2005:
CH Veranda's Phantasy Queen - (Maltese)
CH Country Lady's Seminole Wind - (Shih Tzu)
CH Rhapsody's Oh So Thrilling - (Maltese)
CH Sno Cap Reflection of the Kid - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Just For the Thrill of It - (Maltese)
CH Rhapsody's Thrill A Minute - (Maltese)
CH Rhapsody's Snocapped Thrills - (Maltese)
CH Canterbury's High Fly'n Bullet - (Yorkie)
CH Nic-Nak's Southern Style - (Yorkie)
CH Nealstar's Glory Hallelujah - (Yorkie)
CH Rhapsody's Heavenly Halo - (Maltese)
CH Answay Baby Bunting of Josa - (Japanese Chin)
CH Foxstone Freedom Dream Bill - (Maltese)
CH Rhapsody's Hearts Heavenly Joy - (Maltese)
CH Hi-Lite Toast of Seattle - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Dare to Believe - (Maltese)
CH Maltangel Wycliff's Trinity - (Maltese)
CH Denzel Care Package - (Papillion)
CH Dawnrenees Bello Versace - (Maltese)
CH Killalea's Sweet Confection - (Yorkie)
CH Tyneside Rose Hill Isabella - (Yorkie)
CH Crosswinds Pied Piper of Rose Hill - (Yorkie)
CH Rhapsody's Jokers are Wild - (Maltese)
CH Jo's Miss Kaylee of Erlinda - (Maltese)
CH Maltangel's Full of Grace - (Maltese)
CH Crossfield Editorial - (Yorkie)
CH Divine's Double the Trouble - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Bright Morning Star - (Maltese)
CH Sno Cap Pride of the Kid - (Maltese)
CH Rhapsody's Holy Cow - (Maltese)
CH Whitecliff Maltangel Doxologies - (Maltese)
CH Guemart Cielo Mi Destino - (Yorkie)
CH White Magic Enjoy The Dream - (Maltese)
Am/Can CH Rhapsody's Holier Than Thou - (Maltese)
CH Maltangel Rejoice and Be Glad - (Maltese)
CH Denzel Kenara Go With The Flow - (Papillion)
CH Sno Cap Thrilled to Pieces - (Maltese)
CH Nealstar's Honeybee Blues Man - (Yorkie)
CH Hearts Savannah Storm - (Maltese)
CH Chotlada Civil Affair - (Yorkie)

Specials shown in 2004:
Multiple BIS/BISS Am/Can CH Marcris Thrill of Victory ROM*- (Maltese)
Dogs shown in 2004:
CH Rhapsody's The Sundance Kid - (Maltese)
CH Seren's Rufkin Harrison Ford - (Lhasa Apso)
CH Riverwalk Revelation - (Yorkie)
CH Maltangels Divine Boquet - (Maltese)
CH Seren's Rufkin Meg Ryan - (Lhasa Apso)
CH Divine's Little Lulu I Love you - (Maltese)
CH Symarun's Making My Way - (Shih Tzu)
CH Hearts N Kelly's Jazz Dancer - (Maltese)
CH Blumoon Preferred Portfolio - (Yorkie)
CH Divine's Message for Maltangel - (Maltese)
CH Veranda's Dixie Dori - (Maltese)
CH Seminole's Little Ribbons - (Shih Tzu)
CH Blumoon Naturally Naughty - (Yorkie)
CH Rhapsody's Divine Thrills - (Maltese)
CH Killalea's Hold on to the Dream - (Yorkie)
CH Maltangel God Bless America - (Maltese)
CH Lady Tiffany of Tosca BF - (Havanese)
CH Divine's Marc of Friendship - (Maltese)
CH Crystal Elegance Special Edition - (Maltese)
CH Symarun's Obsession - (Shih Tzu)
CH Say Hi To BF's Wee Pandee - (Havanese)
CH Laureal's Divine Design - (Maltese)
CH Denzel Pleased as Punch - (Papillon)
CH Divine's I'm a Phantasy - (Maltese)
CH Woodsong's Perpetual Motion - (Yorkie)
CH Rosemark's Gee Willikers - (Yorkies) - 7
CH Country Lady's Docura Gerace - (Shih Tzu)
CH Rhapsody's Kissing Kate Barlow - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Dangerous Thrill - (Maltese)
CH Rosemark's Scandalous - (Yorkie)
CH Killalea's Dare to Dream - (Yorkie)
CH Heartland BF's Mystic Ebony - (Havanese)
CH Rhapsody's Thrill Seeker - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Magnificent Thrills - (Maltese)
CH Cantlon's Hot Sake Parkside - (Yorkie)

Specials shown in 2003:
BIS/BISS Am/Can CH Marcris Thrill of Victory - (Maltese)
Group Placing CH Quicksilver Jackson Pollock - (Greyhound)
Group Winning CH Kimik's Frankly It's My Time - (Lhasa Apso)
Dogs shown in 2003:
CH Rhapsody's Heavenly Thrills - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Veranda Heavenly Angel - (Maltese)
CH Chrisman's Risque' New York City Boy - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Heavenly Moment - (Maltese)
CH Hearts I Wanna Be Like Mike - (Maltese)
CH Hearts Paloma Blanco - (Maltese)
CH Rosemark's Off My Rocker - (Yorkie)
CH Riverwalk It's All About Sebastian - (Maltese)
CH Veranda's Queen of the Bandits - (Maltese)
CH Divine's A Moment to Remember - (Maltese)
CH Rhapsody's Scandalous Thrill - (Maltese)
CH Parkhill All Charged Up - (Yorkie)
CH Quicksilver Bit of Basil - (Maltese)
CH Rhapsody's Billy The Kid - (Maltese)
CH Riverwalk Revolution - (Yorkie)
CH Chrisman's Shocked Silly - (Maltese)
CH Nealstar's Texas Ranger - (Yorkie)
CH Killalea's Keep the Change - (Yorkie)
CH Divine's I Love Lucy - (Maltese)
CH Seminole Follow That Dream - (Shih Tzu)
CH Rhapsody's Terror and Thrills - (Maltese)
CH Hearts Oso Blanco - (Maltese)
CH Dynadaux Sitting on Go MS - (Smooth Dachshund)
CH Rhapsody's Thrill of Hearts - (Maltese)
CH Chrisman's Shocked Senseless - (Maltese)
CH Chrisman's Tony Soprano - (Maltese)
CH Rhapsody's Annie Oakley - (Maltese)
CH Seminole Crimsom Ladee' - (Shih Tzu)
CH Obsession Flirting with Danger - (Shih Tzu)
CH This Time She's Dangerous - (Yorkie)
CH Sno-Cap Mischief of the Kid - (Maltese)
CH Hana Su Chen's Bonni-Belle - (Shih Tzu)
CH Killalea's Follow the Dream - (Yorkie)

Dogs shown in 2002 here at Rhapsody:
Mulitple Group Winning CH My Thai's Christain Soldier - (Lhasa Apso)
Multiple BIS/BISS CH Divine's Indecent Desparado - (Maltese)
Specials shown in 2002:
CH Darlin Dandy Justa Lil'Bit Nauty- (Yorkie)
CH Riverwalk Reflection of Rhapture - (Yorkie)
CH Quicksilver California Raisin - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Indecent Cajun Storm - (Maltese)
CH Divine's She's My Peggy Sue - (Maltese)
CH Lafford Hershey's Kisses - (Maltese)
CH Obsession's Incredibly Wild - (Shih Tzu)
CH Nealstar's First Lady - (Yorkie)
CH Rhapsody's Absolutely Thrilling - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Friends to the End - (Maltese)
CH Showdown's Wins are Changing - (Shih Tzu)
CH Nealstar's Noelle - (Yorkie)
CH Divine's Best of Friends - (Maltese)
CH Maltangel His Eternal Love - (Maltese)
CH Karyon Game of Chance - (Shih Tzu)
CH Kimik's Frankly It's My Time - (Lhasa Apso)
CH Chrisman's Square Bizz - (Maltese)
CH Karyon Johnny Be Good - (Shih Tzu)
CH Kelly's He's My Tiddley Wink - (Maltese)
CH Chrisman's Erotic Obsession - (Maltese)
CH Mystique's Destined-To-Be-Indecent - (Maltese)
CH Nealstar Denim and Diamonds - (Yorkie)
CH Divine's Saving All My Love for Sue - (Maltese)
CH Kelly's Dr P's All That Jazz - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Friendship Gift - (Maltese)
CH Woodsong's Reputation Chaser - (Yorkie)
CH Quicksilver's Maverick - (Maltese)
CH Nealstar Dolly's Delight - (Yorkie)

Specials shown in 2001:
Mulitple Group Winning CH My Thai's Christain Soldier - (Lhasa Apso)
Multiple BIS/BISS CH Divine's Indecent Desparado - (Maltese)
Dogs finished in 2001 here at Rhapsody:
CH Polo's Material Girl - (Yorkie)
CH This Time Going For Extreme - (Yorkie)
CH Nealstar's Ruff Tuff Cream Puff - (Yorkie)
CH Divine's Indecent Cajun Queen - (Maltese)
CH Chrisman's What A Girl Wants - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Indecently Marcris - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Indecent Southern Gentleman - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Shimmering Star - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Mystique Masterpiece - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Rumored Mystique - (Maltese)
CH Riverwalk Indecent Intentions - (Maltese)
Am/Can BIS CH Marcris Thrill of Victory - (Maltese)
CH Nealstar's Outta Sight - (Yorkie)
CH Chalet Divine Rumor's Godiva - (Maltese)
CH Hi-Lite's Divine Savannah - (Maltese)
CH Stratford's Copperfield - (Yorkie)
CH Divine's Delightfully Indecent - (Maltese)
CH Riverwalk Millenium Mischief - (Yorkie)
CH Divine's Indecent Scoundrel - (Maltese)
CH Rhapsody's Thrill of Veranda - (Maltese)
CH Quicksilver Wind in the Willows - (Maltese)
CH Chrisman's Johnny Bravo - (Maltese)

Dogs finished in 2000 here at Rhapsody:
CH Divine's Indecent Scandal - (Maltese)
CH Chrisman's Kiss of Rhapsody - (Maltese)
CH Marcris Rumor's She's A Pushover - (Maltese)
CH Ga-Shire Indecent Proposal - (Yorkie)
CH Symarun's Incredibly Debonair - (Shih Tzu)
CH Marcris Risque' Spectacular - (Maltese)
CH Nealstar's Simply Scrumptious - (Yorkie)
CH Signature Wicked Victory - (Maltese)
CH Angels Veranda Hi Fashion - (Maltese)
CH Nealstar's Nashville Knockout - (Yorkie)
CH Polo's Like A Prayer - (Yorkie)
CH Marcris Risque' Justice - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Holy Tiara - (Maltese)
CH Su-Le's Sun Blossum - (Maltese)

Dogs finished in 1999 here at Rhapsody:
CH ... "Geaux Tiger" - (Long Coat Chihuahua)
CH Polo's Charge Thru Time - (Yorkie)
CH Rhapsody's Piece of the Puzzle - (Maltese)
CH Marcris Risque' Tantalizer - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Indecent Devotion - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Good Golly Miss Molly - (Maltese)
CH Marcris Flash Dance - (Maltese)
CH Elk Creek San Su-Kee-Su-Le - (Maltese)
CH Nealstar's Naughty Nanette - (Yorkie)
CH Ta-Jon's Bit of Rhapsody - (Maltese)
CH Riverwalk's Enrhaptured - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Risque' Moment - (Maltese)
CH Rothby's Regal Replay at Nealstar - (Yorkie)
CH Divine's Knight in White Satin - (Maltese)
CH Embar's Murphy - (Smooth Coat Chihuahua)
CH Divine's Indecent Outlaw - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Especially Naughty - (Maltese)
CH ... "Golden Promise O'BK" - (Long Coat Chihuahua)
CH ... "Inferno" - (Long Coat Chihuahua)
CH Divine's Indecently Sweet - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Indecent Desperado - (Maltese)

Dogs finished in 1998 here at Rhapsody:
CH Divine's Indecent Rumor Has It - (Maltese)
CH Woodsong Man About Town - (Yorkie)
CH Nealstar's Notorious Reputation - (Yorkie)
CH Rhapsody's Indecent Spirit - (Maltese)
CH Rhapsody's Mademoiselle - (Maltese)
CH Petite's Tropical Sun - (Maltese)
CH Rhapsody's Divine Victory - (Maltese)
CH Rhapsody's Wickedly Risque' - (Maltese)
CH Ga-Shire's Glad All Over - (Yorkie)
CH Divine's Indecent Attraction - (Maltese)
CH Petite's Heartbreaker - (Maltese)
CH Divine's Indecent Addition - (Maltese)



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