In 1990 while a college student, I bought my first Maltese show dog, Rufus. This was the birth of Rhapsody Maltese.

Rhapsody is a small maltese breeding program, based in Central Texas. All of my dogs are raised and live in my house. My goal is to produce the best quality Maltese possible, with limited breeding. Health and temperament are of prime importance. The dogs in my breeding program are health screened for health issues common to Maltese. Once weaned my puppies are raised separately from my adult dogs, to promote better one-on-one bonding with people. They are socialized in a way to promote the happy, outgoing, friendly temperament that Maltese are known and bred for. This not only benefits the puppies for the show ring but also to be the best companion possible. Of course, I also strive to breed Maltese that best adhere to AKC standard. I breed to have Maltese that have a definite "Rhapsody" look, with heavy silk coats, great pigmentation, pretty correct expressions, elegant outlines with flowing movement.

I show dogs for other people as my profession, so my entire schedule is set up around my dogs. I attend around 40-45 weekends of dog shows a year and show many toys breeds for others in addition to showing maltese. To date, here at Rhapsody, I have personally shown 564 dogs on their way to attaining a Champion title (346 Maltese, 142 Yorkshire Terriers, 28 Shih Tzus, 17 Lhasa Apsos, 4 Chihuahuas, 4 Papillons, 1 Pekingese, 4 Havanese, 2 Great Danes, 2 Japanese Chin, 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, 3 Wire Miniature Dachshund and 7 Smooth Miniature Dachshund). I have finished 3 Lhasa Apsos, 2 Great Dane, 7 Maltese, 2 Sm Dach, 1 Pekinese, 1 Shih Tzu and 8 Yorkie Grand Champions. I have owned and/or bred 163 Maltese champions. I have shown and bred Top Winning, Multiple All-Breed Best in Show winning, National Specialty Winning, Multiple Best in Specialty Show winning and Multiple Group winning dogs.(10/14/16)

With producing high quality Maltese in mind, you will find not only many champion maltese in my puppies predigrees, but also many top champion producing (ROMX,ROM) and top winning BIS Maltese in my dogs' pedigrees. I have owned and/or bred several top champion producing Maltese. I have shown 11 top winning Maltese. Some of these are commonly in my dogs and puppies' pedigrees:

Multiple BIS/BISS CH Divine's Indecent Desparado ROM
* Producer of 7 champions,
* #1 Maltese Breed System, #2 Maltese All-Breed System and #14 toy in 2001,
* #1 Maltese All Systems and #9 Toy dog in 2002,
* owned by Barbara Davis
* bred by Angie and Larry Stanberry and
* handled by Tonia Holibaugh.

Mutliple BIS/BISS Am/Can CH Marcris Thrill of Victory ROMX
* Producer of 48 champions including a BIS Winner,
* #1 Maltese All Systems and #9 Toy in 2003,
* #1 Maltese All Systems and #5 Toy in 2004,
* 2003 Westminister Kennel Club BOB Winner,
* 2004 Westminister Kennel Club BOB Winner,
* 2003 AKC Eukanuba Invitational BOB & Toy Group 2nd Winner,
* 2005 AKC Eukanuba Invitational BOB Winner,
* 2004 American Maltese Association National Specialty BOB Winner,
* owned by Barbara Davis, * owned/handled by Tonia Holibaugh and
* bred by Joyce Watkins.

Multiple BIS/BISS Am/Eng/Can CH Divine's Marc of Friendship ROMX
* Producer of 9 US champions including a BIS Winner,
* #1 Maltese All Systems and #6 Toy in 2005,
* 2006 AKC Invitational BOB & Group 3rd Winner,
* 2006 Crufts Dog Show BOB & Group 3rd Winner,
* 2007 Crufts Dog Show BOB & Toy Group 1st Winner,
* owned by A Stanberry, S Meyers, B Davis and L Nelson while Marc was campaigned,
* now owned by Christine Gillies of Scotland,
* bred by Angela Stanberry and Shiela Riley and
* handled by Tonia Holibaugh.

Multiple Group Winning CH Rhapsody's Holier Than Thou
* #1 Maltese Breed System & #3 Maltese All-Breed System in 2006,
* owned by MBarnes and
* bred/owned/handled by Tonia Holibaugh.

Multiple BIS/BISS CH Chrisman-Rhapsody Chills N Thrills
* #1 Maltese All-Systems Systems and #9 Toy in 2007,
* owned by Marilyn Singe&CFilson, * owned.bred by MComitini&CVicari and * owned/bred/handled by Tonia Holibaugh.

Multiple BIS/BISS CH Rhapsody's Smart Remark ROM*
* Producer of 10 US champions,
* #1 Maltese All-Systems and #16 Toy and in the Top 100 All-Breeds for 2008,
* owned by Anja Mali
* and owned/bred/handled by Tonia Holibaugh.

BIS CH Rhapsody's Too Many Remarks
* #1 Maltese All-Systems & #16 Toy for 2009.
* owned by KKasten&AStoller&JAnderson
* and owned/bred/handled by Tonia Holibaugh.

Multi BIS/BISS Gold Am & Aus GCH Rhapsody's Regarding Henry ROMX*
* #1 Maltese All Systems & #11 Toy for 2011.
* #1 Maltese All Systems & #15 Toy for 2010.
* 2010 American Maltese Association National Specialty BOB Winner,
* Henry won 5 All Breed BIS and 63 Group 1sts in the US. * Producer of 10 American Champions,
* Producer of 2 All-Breed Best In Show Winners,
* co-owned by KKasten/PBailly/AStoller in 2011
* co-owned by KKasten/PBailly/A&LStanberry in 2010
* and was owned/bred/handled by Tonia Holibaugh.
* Henry is now owned by William Warke and Craig Emmerson in Melbourne, Australia.
* Henry was in 2012 the # 1 Maltese All Systems & # 3 Toy in Australia in just 7 months of showing.
* Henry was in 2013 the # 1 Maltese All Systems & # 1 Toy & # 7 All Breeds in Australia in just 24 shows.
* Henry was in 2014 the # 1 Maltese All Systems & # 2 Toy in limited showing in Australia.
* Henry was in 2015 the # 1 Maltese All Systems in Australia. * Henry has been show in a total of 83 shows in Australia and won 51 Group 1sts and 22 All Breed Best In Shows.
MBIS/MBISS GCH Chrisman's Shiny Toy Gun
* #1 Maltese Breed Points System & #2 All Breed Points System & #14 Toy dog for 2012.
* owned by K/TMacKenzie,
* bred by CVicari/MComitini and
* and was handled by Tonia Holibaugh.

MBIS/MBISS Platinum GCH Rhapsody's Someone Like You
* #1 Maltese All Systems for 2014.
* #1 Maltese Breed Points System & #21 Toy for 2013.
* owned by KKasten/PBailly W Warke & C Emmerson,
* bred/owned/handled by Tonia Holibaugh.

Group Winning/BISS Silver GCH Euphoria Rhapsody's Locked In A Tower
* #1 Maltese Breed Systems for 2015 & Top 20 Toy.
* BISS at 2014 AMA Regional Specialty from the BBE class.
* Group 1st Winner in the Bred By Exhibitor Competition at the 2015 AKC National Championship.
* owned by PBailly/AStoller,
* bred/owned/handled by JAnderson& T Holibaugh.

To ensure that my dogs have plenty of one on one attention, I place many of my champion and non-champion girls and boys in retirement homes once they are spayed/neutered. This gives my older adult dogs new families to spoil them and the dogs in my care more of my constant attention.

Because I am gone so much showing dogs I only have a few litters a year. Occassionally, I have pets available for good homes. After careful screening, all pets are placed with limited registration and a spay/neuter agreement. If you are interested in contacting me, please email me at I will answer you as soon as I can. I travel most weekends so the replies might be delayed. Thank you for visiting my site.

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