CH Baybreeze Taylor'd To A "T" 
Breed:  Maltese
Color:  White w/ Blk Pts 
Sex:  F 
Born:  10-18-95 
Reg.#  TN342269/01 
10 Gen IC:  8.08615% 
Bred by:  Ron Stonke 
Owned by:  Tonia Holibaugh 
Parents  Grand-Parents  3rd Generation  4th Generation  5th Generation 
CH Windsong Battery Operated, White w/ blk pts, TM668341/02, IC= 0.00000  CH Dekir's Bearly There, IC= 0.00000  CH Windsong White Tie'N Tails, 06-05-86, White / Black Pts, TC662640  CH Wesglyn Yosemite Sam, CH Bobbelee Stuffed Shirt, ROM,
CH Wesglyn Whirlwind, ROM
CH Inga of Windsong, CH Windsong Master Showcase, ROM,
Windsong For The Memories,
CH Gemmery's Peridot Py CH Gemmery's Pyrope Maker CH Joann Merrylane Matchmaker,
CH Gemmery Ruby Tiara,
CH Gemmery Amethyst Charm, BIS CH Oak Ridge Country Charmer, ROM,
CH Maltes'a Radiant Desiree',
CH Wesglyn Bat'ries Not Included, IC= 0.00000  CH Windsong Master Showcase, ROM, 08-20-81, White / Black Pts, TB935099  CH Joanne-Chen Aennchen Showbiz CH Joanne-Chen Carime Dancer,
Aennchen Frisbee Dancer,
CH Windsong Merry Mischief, BIS CH Caramaya's Mister, ROM,
CH Inge of Winddrift, ROM,
Wesglyn Georgie Girl CH Wesglyn Country Fella CH Noble Faith Charmin' Fella, ROM,
CH Wesglyn Kool Pop
CH Wesglyn She's So Precious CH Noble Faith Charmin' Fella, ROM,
CH Marimack Malinda of Weglyn, ROM,
Baybreeze Bacall, IC= 0.00000  CH Two Be's Sugar Frosted, 10-30-90, White / Black Pts, TM682510/01, IC= 0.00000  CH Marcris Marshmallow Showoff, ROM, 04-23-84, White / Black Pts, TC282795  CH Marcris Marshmallow, ROM, CH Revlo Sir of Batoche, ROM,
CH Marcris Amanda of Cariel,
Marcris She's A Pushover, ROM, CH San Su Kee Showoff, MMA,
Gulfstream She Shamey Marie,
CH Two Be Hooked On Sugar, 09-30-87, White / Black Pts, TC901943  CH Bar None Electric Horseman, CH Bar None Hotrod Lincoln,
CH Bar None Electric Lady,
CH Two Be Sparkle Plenty, CH Sams-Son I'm No Wallflower,
CH Pattese Love In Bloom,
Windsong Always An Angel, IC= 0.00000  CH Wesglyn Doin' The Locomotion CH Wesglyn Beyond Duplication, ROM, CH C and M's Tootsey Wootsey, ROM,
CH Wesglyn Kool Pop
CH Windsong Almost An Angel CH Wesglyn In The Best Tradition
CH Windsong April In Paris,
Wesglyn Patty-Cake CH Zanzibar The Right Stuff, CH Windsong Master Showcase, ROM,
CH Zanzibar Kira of Wesglyn,
CH Patricia's Candy of Le Aries CH Non-Vel Weejun,
CH Non-Vel Wendy of Richelieu
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