CH Rhapsody's Wind of Victory
Breed: Maltese
Color:  White w/ Blk Pts
Sex: F
0 Gen IC: 0.00000% 
Bred by:  Tonia Holibaugh
Owned by:  Tammy Hauptman & Tonia Holibaugh
Parents  Grand-Parents  3rd Generation  4th Generation  5th Generation 
CH Rhapsody's Divine Victory, 01-29-96, White w/ blk pts, TN351017/01, IC= 19.12956  CH Rhapsody's Bleu Horizon, ROM, 09-19-94, White w/ Blk Pts, TN148335/01, IC= 5.82663  CH Su-Le's Cordon Bleu, ROM, White w/ blk pts, TB9992057  CH To The Victor of Eng, ROM Joanne-Chen's Dancing St-V O' Eng
Windsong Rhapsody of Vileco
Su-Le's Minivet, ROM CH Su-Le's Jonina
CH Su-Le's Chim
CH Marcris Pebbles of Rhapsody, ROM, 02-21-91, White w/ blk pts, TM666511/01  CH Marcris Love, ROM CH Windsong Master Showcase, ROM
CH Marcris Kandy Kisses
CH Ju-Le's First Noel, ROM C and M's Fame of Modonna
CH Hi Lite Showoff For Ju-Le, ROM
CH Ju-Le's First Noel, ROM, 12-09-87, White / Black Pts, TC886121, IC= 10.26499  C and M's Fame of Modonna, 07-01-84, White / Black Pts, TC408663  CH Marcris Mino's Snow Job BIS CH Joanne-Chen's Mino Maya Dancer, ROM
CH Marcris Melody of Love, ROM
CH Marcris Amanda of Cariel CH San Su Kee Showoff, MMA
CH Marcris Melody of Love, ROM
CH Hi Lite Showoff For Ju-Le, ROM, TC706066  CH Marcris Marshmallow Showoff, ROM CH Marcris Marshmallow, ROM
Marcris She's A Pushover, ROM
CH Dil-Dal Tutee White Fanci, ROM Rebecca's Primrose Gentleman
Dil-Dal's Maggie Mae
Erinlee Bride Doll, 02-01-92, White w/ blk pts, TM827681/02, IC= 7.84245  CH Rio Vista Rebel Starfire, ROM, White, TC874061, IC= 0.00000  BIS CH Scylla's Mino Maya Starfire, ROM CH Bienaimee's Mino Maya Magic Star CH Bienaimee Mino Maya Magic
Bienaimee Little Treasure, ROM
CH Bienaimee's Mina Maya Dancer, ROM BIS CH Joanne-Chen's Mino Maya Dancer, ROM
CH Martin's Mina Puff of Bienaimee, ROM
CH Al-Mar's Bo Derek, ROM CH Bimbo Bimbo of Al-Mar CH Al-Mar Kris Kringle
Pretty Pebbles of Al-Mar
CH Hello Dolly of Al-Mar CH Tego Tu Tu of Al-Mar
CH Villa Malta Doll
Windsong Prima Donna, ROM, White, TC964744, IC= 0.00000  CH Windsong Master Showcase, ROM, 08-20-81, White / Black Pts, TB935099  CH Joanne-Chen Aennchen Showbiz  CH Joanne-Chen Carime Dancer
Aennchen Frisbee Dancer
CH Windsong Merry Mischief BIS CH Caramaya's Mister, ROM
CH Inge of Winddrift, ROM
CH Villa Malta Sierra Windsong CH Villa Malta's Pisces Mar-Ton's Mucho
Montega of Villa Malta
CH Villa Malta's Heidie Villa Malta's Merlin
Villa Malta Tessa

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