Rhapsody Show Dogs

Last update on January 16th, 2019

Available Now!

I have a Grand Champion male available.
Please email for pictures, pedigree info and price.

I have some young adults I am watching mature.
I will know more about these dogs in late winter.

I currently have a waiting list for show dogs.
I begin to take deposits on my show dogs when
they are 6 months old and have their adult teeth.

Please contact me to find out more information
about possibly attaining a Rhapsody Maltese to show.

* All my Show Quality Dogs are all sold as AKC
* Champions and a strict Show Contractual Agreement.
* Please contact me for pricing and contractual information.

* NOTE REGARDING PETS: No puppy or dog available
* as a companion pet for sale within the US can be
* shipped per USDA requirements going into effect
* November 18, 2013. Most animals intended as pets
* must be seen by the buyer in person priorto final
* sale. Because of this change, pet buyers must meet
* the puppy/dog in person before purchasing.

Rhapsody Maltese

Tonia Holibaugh
Central Texas
Ph# (512)-295-9086

Email: RhapsodyMaltese@aol.com